About us....


Shamrock Pies have been manufactured in East London, Eastern Cape since 1973, founded by an

Irish confectioner who has always believed in attention to detail and is now a privately owned family

business that strive to maintain the tradition and quality of the Shamrock pie.


Shamrock Pies has a totally loyal and conscientious staff, one of the company’s strongest assets.

The owners make job security a central objective of the business and strongly believe that the way

you run your business and staff infiltrates into your end product therefore they strive to satisfy the

needs of their customers, consumers, suppliers, and staff members.  


We strive to make our area a better place to work and live in. We support local charities, schools and

Animal Welfare groups. We also try to minimise the impact of our activities on the surroundings, although

the delicious smell of our freshly baked pies in the mornings still seem to bring out the hunger in our